HOW TO BUILD A WEBSITEAn easy & Quick Step-by-Step Guide

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4.8 Creating Menu

Menus and navigation is intensely vital while building your web site,not only for artistic purposes but for ease of use as well.You want your web site to be straightforward to navigate and the initiative for that is ensuring your Navigation Menus are properly placed!

So,Create a Menu in just 5-simple steps.

  1. Name the Menu
  2. Add Menu Items
  3. Arrange Menu-items (/sub-menus)
  4. Configure Menu Items
  5. Menu Customization

1. Name the Menu

  1. Hover over Appearence and there Select Menus
  2. Click on Create new Menu
  3. Arrange Menu-items (/sub-menus)
  4. Give a Name to the Menu & Click “Create Menu” button on the right side.

2. Add Menu Items  Now Add menu items from the Columns in the left.Three different ways to add menu-items(/sub-menu items):

  1. Pages
  2. Custom Links
  3. Categories

3. Arrange Menu-items(/sub-menus) Simply just Drag & Drop Menu-items in upward or downward direction to arrange in an order as you want.   4. Configure Menu Settings  Here,you need to define how to add static pages to this Menu or where to locate the Menu on website.This can be done by two configurations:

  1. Autoadd Pages
    1. If you’ll Click this box says “Automatically add new top-level pages to this menu”,then as soon as you have create any Page, it’ll get automatically added to this Menu.You won’t have to come here and do it manually.
  1. Theme Location
    1. Choose a location for Menu. It may varies from one Theme to another.