HOW TO BUILD A WEBSITEAn easy & Quick Step-by-Step Guide

Step References

4.1 Edit General Settings


1.Click on the Admin Area URL (should look something like /wp-admin)

2. Login using your user and pass.




3. Go to “Users” then select > Your Profile. (on left column)

Set up User's Profile from WP Dashboard


4. Scroll down – You can change “display name publicly as” to your first name (optional)

Set up User's Profile from WP Dashboard


5. Enter in your New Pass and Repeat New Password.

6. Update Profile.

Set up new login password from WP Dashboard


7. Go to Settings > General

8. You can change your Site Title and Tagline.

9. Save Changes.

change site Title & tagline


10. Go to Settings > Permalinks



11. Change to “Postname” (for Search engine optimization purposes and easy reading)

12. Save Changes.

Setup Site Permalinks