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Choose a Domain


Without a website, users wouldn’t be able to notice or share your web site. just in case you’re unsure, may be a domain, as is The http:// and web.are optional. Websites can work whether or not you type in the prefix.

There are four key elements to a domain:

  1. Top-level domain,
  2. Root domain,
  3. Subdomain
    the domain that appears before the root domain;, for example. Once you own a root domain, you can create subdomains at no additional cost.
  4.  Subfolders:  are listed after the TLD; for example,


Where to buy a domain:




While picking a host, search for three key components:

1. Limitations:

  • Does the host support WordPress?
  • How many domains can you host?
  • How much bandwidth and storage are you allocated?
  • What up-time percentage are you guaranteed?

2.. Company:

  • How long has the company been in business?
  • Does it have positive reviews by users?
  • What kind of support does it offer?

3. Pricing:

  • How much is the package you need?
  • Are upgrades available if required?
  • Are there any additional costs (IP addresses, software, etc.)?
  • Is there a trial period?


Here are some reputable hosting providers, in case you don’t know anyone with experience:

There are also high-quality WordPress-specific hosting companies that can take care of everything for you. Rather than simply host your website, they install and configure WordPress and support you every step of the way.

WordPress-specific hosting providers:



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