The Java World
Java is a powerful and versatile programming language for developing software running on
1. Desktop Computers (J2SE)
2. Servers (J2EE)
3. Handheld Devices (J2ME)

Java Features

1. It is a High Level Programming language.
2. Java is a Platform Independent Language.
3. Java is a compiled & Interpreted programming language.
4. Java Buzzwords

Why Java is Platform Independent?

When java code is compiled, a byte code is generated which is independent of the system. This byte code is fed to the JVM (Java virtual Machine) which reside in the system. Since, every system has its own JVM , it doesn’t matter where you compile the source code. The byte code generated by the compiler can be interpreted by any JVM of any machine. Hence, it is called Platform Independent.
Java’s byte codes are designed to be read & interpreted in exactly same manner on any computer hardware or operating System that supports Java runtime environment(JRE).

Java Buzzwords
  1. Simple

It is derived from C syntaxes and C++ OOP features,so it is easy to learn if you have any earlier experience with OOPs languages.
  2.  Object Oriented

Java is object oriented programming language. It supports all the features of OOPs. We can summarize them as four corner stones: Abstraction, Encapsulation, Polymorphism and Inheritance.
  3.  Robust

Using java we can write programs that can be executed reliably on variety of systems.Even it overcomes the problems of deallocation of memory and its exceptions.
  4.  Multithreaded

Java is designed to meet the real world requirements of creating interactive and network programs. To accomplish that java supports multithreading in which it allows you to create programs that do multiple things or many things simultaneously.
  5.  Architecture Neutral

Java is independent from any machine or any operating system. Once we write a java code on a machine we can execute on any other machine. You can execute in windows, in Linux or in macintosh operating system.
  6.  Distributed

Java is designed for the distributed environment of the Internet because it supports TCP/IP protocol. Java also supports Remote Method Invocation or RMI which allows you to access or invoke the methods over a network.
  7.  Dynamic

You can dynamically(runtime) link code in safe manner in java.
  8.  High Performance

Java is a compiled and interpreted programming language. In java source code is compiled and converted into something called Byte code and then we are gonna be interpret that byte code using JVM(Java Virtual Machine) and that byte code is executed.Byte code is optimized for the execution of speed.
  9.  Portable

It can be downloaded from various platforms connected to the Internet.
Where Java is used?