Let the WORLD Know What you Have Created !!

SEO is

“An art of applying creative techniques to in-depth Study of Search Engines & Directories. “

In reality production of a Product is just the very first/elementary step proceeding towards the fulfillment of final Business objectives. Instead, the real journey begins here, that holds multiple set of techniques & strategies to bring(introduce) the Product in the market and make it popular to grab more and more customers..

Conceptually if we compare, Creation of a website is having quite similar procedure as of the process of production of a Product (i.e of any goods or things like mobile,tank, car etc). Gotcha!! Getting on the track… So, After Creation of a Website ,Next step is to introduce the Website in the world. And then, the most challenging step- which is to grab the traffic , this can be acheived by Increasing the number of visitors. i.e Attracting Customers [VISITORS] to your business [ WEBSITE] – and here only SEO (SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION) comes in picture.


If you want to promote your business online and turn your Website into cash generating machine you just need to figure out few things like

  1. How to prove of your sound presence over web?

  2. How to design your business interface such that it is accessible to all types of functioning devices like mobiles, PDAs, Tablets, Desktops etc.?

  3. How to write Content which grabs attention of your targeted audience?

  4. How to advertise your business?

Well my friend the journey is not so easy as of the creation of a website…On the other hand even it is not that much hard, if you’ll be aware from the behavior of World Wide Web  & Search Engine.

So now Step up!! And let’s the journey begin…

Here, I am going to cover following topics that helps you to understand from scratch:

  1. What is Search Engine?
  2. How an user interacts with Search Engine ?
  3. How do Search Engine works?
  4. What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ?
  5. What are SEO Tools & Techniques?
  6. SEO Action Plan ?
  7. What are Web Analytic?
  8. Promotions & Analysis of a Website ?
  9. What is Internet Marketing?
  10. Why Search engine Marketing is necessary?
  11. How Usability, User Experience & content affect search engine rankings ?
  12. Myths & misconceptions about Search Engines.
  13. Related Studies


What is Search Engine?

Think a website as a Bus-Stop & so the World Wide Web (WWW) as the collection of interlinked Bus-stops. There, you will have to visit/roam from one stop to other in order to dig out desired piece of information about Bus-stops and related stuffs. That’s a tedious & even much more complex as well as time Consuming task. TIME IS MONEY in this commercial era…isn’t it!!

Definitely, you’ll look for a quick and more accurate alternative to do so. As a solution

  1. You’ll need a public directory, where all Bus-stops & their related information can be listed.
  2. And a method to find desired information quickly with maximum accuracy.

Above scenario is only implemented over WWW.  This solution of extracting information is only called as SEARCH ENGINE.

“Search Engine is a tool or program to find information over World Wide Web.”



How an user interacts with Search Engine ?

How individuals use web search tools has advanced throughout the years, however the essential standards of directing an inquiry remain to a great extent unaltered. Most search procedures go something like this:

  1. 1. Experience the requirement for an answer, solution, or bit of information
    2. Formulate that need in a series of words and expressions, also called “the Web Query.”
    3. Enter the Web Query into a web crawler.
    4. Scan through the outcomes [Search engine Result Page (SERPs)] for a match.
    5. Click on a outcome[Search engine Result Page (SERPs)].
    6. Check for an answer, or a link to that solution.
    7. If unsatisfied, come back to the search results [Search engine Result Page (SERPs)] & browse for other links or …
    8. Perform another inquiry with refinements to the question.


How do Search Engine works?

In order to understand working of web search engine, you need to get familiar with few terminologies listed below:

1. Spider –  is an application program used to scan the web pages from website.

2. Crawler – a program that automatically follows all of the links on each web page in a methodical, automated manner or in an orderly fashion.

3. Robot / Bot – is an automated computer program that visit websites & perform predefined tasks. It is    a text file      used for access permission to spider and crawler.

4. Indexer is a program  that create an index based on the words (keywords) contained in each Web page.



docukits_how search engine_works

Web search engines work by sending out a spider to scan as many documents as possible.Indexer then reads these documents and creates an index based on the words or keywords contained in each & every document.

Each search engine uses a proprietary algorithm to create its indices such that,only meaningful results are returned for each query.




What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a methodology, procedures or strategies to optimize a Website in SERPs. [Search Engine Result Pages].
First off all, examine the words or terms, SEO is composed of


SEO can be generalized in a non-technical perspective as shown in the above image.Let us have a look on the functional approach now. Just examine where does the optimization lies:

  1. 1. User enters problem in the form of Keyword or expression called as Web Queries to Web crawlers.
  2. 2. With the help of Spider & Indexer program Search Engine displays the results in the form  of web pagse called as Search Engine Result Pages(SERPs).
  3. 3. A procedure to get listed as first rank or a well(the Best) rank is used by all the Websites which are competing to promote their business.That’s it.. this is only SEO.



Any business needs a large number of customers to make it popular. To do the same over web you’ll need huge number of unique visitors that generate traffic on your website.

There are multiple factors that accelerate traffic over your website. These are links, keywords, contents and many more. All these factors work in a chain or you can say they are dependent on each other in order to fulfill the job of – Bringing TRAFFIC for your website.


Popularity of a website depends on the type of traffic, i.e either it is natural or generated through Spam BOTS. Traffic collected by Spam Bots always degrade the impact of the site, in turn, the degrade ranking of website.You should always interested in gathering natural traffic, that can be gained by bringing unique visitors only. We will discuss shortly about the methodologies & strategies to get natural traffic.

SEO is not a single task and not even a One Click job. Rather it comprises a set of task and it is an on-going process. SEO is a journey from Initial analysis of the business (or the set of jobs for which you need an global online conversion) to the final but not the last step- SERPs Report.


To bring Traffic over your site , have a look on set of few dependencies of SEO terminologies required from the creation of your website to its marketing.